A House Bill for More Parking Spaces?

Rep. Paul Tonko (D-N.Y.) is sponsoring the bill, with the goal of creating more parking spaces for big rigs in cities.

"A new legislative proposal would provide $20 million in each of the next six years for a pilot program designed to generate more truck parking spaces across the country.

The House bill would allow state and local governments, truck stops and even shippers to obtain federal grants to build parking spaces or install safety improvements, such as lighting and cameras, said Rep. Paul Tonko (D-N.Y.), the bill's sponsor.

Tonko said an implication of the federal hours-of-service regulations for commercial drivers is that it is necessary to make 'accessible the parking areas that are essential for our nation's truckers.'

He said his proposal would fund six years of safe parking investments that then would be evaluated to determine which work best. Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) introduced a companion bill in the Senate on May 5."

Full Story: Bill Would Offer Federal Grants to Create Truck Parking Spaces



Let the trucking companies pay for them

Trucks damage roads and cause traffic congestion and more air pollution than trains. We subsidize them more than enough. Let them pay their own way this time.

Don't subsidize parking!!!

Generally, no government should be subsidizing parking for private motor vehicles (as opposed to, say, parking for bikes or transit vehicles). Read "The High Cost of Free Parking". Our cities are already wasting too much space for parking, which has the effect of sprawling things out even more and making us even more vehicle-dependent.

One exception might be commercial/residential areas where a government may wish to subsidize parking IN MULTISTORY GARAGES (with retail on the ground floor where feasible) to avoid the less desirable alternative of surface parking lots, which waste land. However, such garages should require their users to pay the cost of their parking. A parking subsidy of this type should only be a last resort, however. The ideal is to reduce/eliminate off-street parking requirements and require that where parking is constructed, it be in land-saving formats such as garages.

Trucks should only be parking at the loading bays where they load/unload their cargo (which are readily available), at gas stations, at highway rest areas, and at wherever they are stored when not in use. I really don't see the problem.

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