California Budget Approved, But Concessions Are Controversial

At 3 AM, Feb. 19, the state Senate secured its third Republican vote necessary to pass a budget and fill the $42 billion budget deficit. This article looks at one of many environmental rollbacks demanded by Republicans.

"California's proposed budget contains a major provision that would weaken air pollution regulations while saving the construction industry millions of dollars.

The measure, largely overlooked in a public debate focused on taxes, would delay requirements for builders to retrofit (diesel-powered construction) equipment, slashing by 17% the emissions savings that health advocates had hoped to achieve by 2014."

"There are people who will die because of this delay. The rollback of the diesel standards would eliminate the sort of "green jobs" that Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has championed", said Mary D. Nichols, chairman of the state Air Resources Board.

"Without retrofitting existing construction vehicles, Los Angeles, the San Joaquin Valley and other highly polluted regions will be unlikely to meet federal air quality deadlines. Diesel equipment can last 30 years before it is retired.

But a pullback would be "welcome news for the thousands of construction workers that have lost their jobs across the state," said Brian Turmail, a spokesman for Associated General Contractors."

"Environmental issues have taken a back seat to taxes," said Bill Magavern, the Sierra Club's California director.

"Reform of the budget process, especially the elimination of the two-thirds requirement for passing budgets and taxes, is desperately needed to prevent this kind of fiscal blackmail", he added.

Thanks to Susan Frank

Full Story: California budget plan would weaken air pollution rules



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LA Times Editorial: "A dumb diesel deal"

From Editorial: A dumb diesel deal, February 20, 2009:
"A backroom deal to restrict emissions for off-road diesel vehicles, such as construction equipment, was put off two years. Without a hearing or debate, GOP lawmakers attached a "trailer bill" to the budget that delays key diesel retrofitting requirements, reducing by 17% the emissions savings the new ARB rules would have produced by 2014.

It may not be too late to undo the damage. The Legislature could pass a bill, by majority vote, reinstating the former deadlines. That should be a top priority."
Irvin Dawid, Palo Alto, CA

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