Where Will the Money Go?

Now that the $838 billion American Recovery and Reinvestment Act passed the Senate, where will the money go? Stimulus Watch has a breakdown of every project by state, and by type. Here are links to the transit, roads, energy, and housing projects.

Some sample projects include:

-$8,750,000 for Regional Transit Authority funding for Anchorage, Alaska;

-$52,000,000 for a Mobile Landing Marine Transportation Center in Mobile, Alabama;

-$10,437,600 for New Town Center development around the BART station in Hercules, CA;

-$291,000,000 to replace buses in Los Angeles, CA;

-$81,000,000 for a 3.6 mile streetcar from Midtown to Dowtown in Atlanta, GA;

-$202,000,000 for Phase I of the Honolulu High Capacity Transit Guideway;

-$24,000,000 for a downtown, fixed-rail trolley in Duluth, MN;

-$500,000 for an Electronic Fare Collection System in Longview, Texas;

...and many, many more. To track other types of stimulus funding, see the links below:


Full Story: Transit Spending




That a great link. I've spend the last half hour looking at projects in my area, Miami-Dade.
Some of this stuff is from out of left field, and other bits are nails on the coffins of some debates that have been raging for years.

Thanks for this post!

Largest Pork Bill ever?

This stimulus is insane as are the TARPs and even some of the Federal Reserve cash infusions. $500MM for the Sac housing authority? Sac just got 50% cheaper because of some market sanity, now we need to give them a 1/2 billion to construct "affordable housing" when there is so much vacant housing in Sac. You can buy a condo in a decent neighborhood for $125,000 or less or rent for $800. Could this be right? Insane.

The entire economic policy response by both Bush and Obama and the Fed is simply terrible. How do you fix an economy bursting because it was built up by excessive borrowing and spending by encouraging more borrowing and spending? The solution is not to borrow and spend our way back to 2006, it is to take the pain, let GDP contract, save money, invest your equity, and rebuild an economy with prudent leverage. The problems that all of this could create/exacerbate is daunting: possible hyperinflation in the future, much higher taxes in the future, much higher interest rates, more boom and bust, especially busts.

I'm not blaming Obama as he inherited a huge mess, but this is not the way out. This is not change we can believe in, this is a much larger same old, same old.

Good change = create tax policy that encourages saving and investment and penalizes spending and borrowing; fiscal policy should at least attempt to reduce budget deficits, if not eliminate them.

Terrible, but Predictable

While I completely agreee with your thoughts above, many economists predicted the fed's actions because its actions are entirely consistent the ends it wants to achieve (not that I am one of those folks, nor am I an economist by trade). Uncle Sam is the biggest debtor in the history of the world. The US government has been living off the fed's easy credit, inflation and subsequent asset bubble valuations since WWII (at least, if not earlier). Now that the bubble has popped, the USG is severly overleveraged... so the Fed (which is the USG) is simply doing what any overleveraged entity desperately hopes for, they are attemtpting to re-inflate the bubble (just as you said above, they are spending borrowed money to fix problems caused by overborrowing). And I have no doubt that should whatever they are doing now not work, the Fed will not hesitate to resort to destroying the dollar to protect Uncle Sam (it's been done before... Roosevely devalued the dollar in the 30s, you can pay off your debts easily as they will be cheaper in the future).

While I, perhaps somewhat less so, had some hope for the new adminstration, I wake up everyday now convinced that the USG is really just in it for itself and does not care how its decisions affect the people of this country so long as it come out alright. Here's to hoping I am wrong


The projects listed on not earmarked projects under the stimulus bill - just an over the top wish list from a US Conference of Mayors report.

My city didn't participate in the excercise, but we'll get money from the feds through the state DOT.

Will they spend it wisely or waste it as alway?

I'm also from Miami-Dade, (originally) and was looking over the projects...seems a haphazard array of things...doesn't seem they have a plan to expand Metrorail, which is what is principally needed. Nevertheless, any increase in public transportation in Miami is a good thing. The stimulus plan overall seems also like a missed opportunity for Obama. It looks like a collection of pet projects from the mayors and governors instead of a targeted plan to help the overall state of the economy. I'm all for spending to stimulate the economy, but you have to spend wisely.

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