Obama Plan: Stimulating The Economy Or Sprawl?

Obama has compared the size of the stimulus package he wants to the 1956 National Highway Act. If the states have their way, it may be just that -- a new highway bill with little left for transit.

"Missouri's plan is to spend $750 million in federal money on highways and nothing on mass transit in St. Louis. Utah would pour 87 percent of the funds it may receive in a new economic stimulus bill into new road capacity.

While many states are keeping their project lists secret, plans that have surfaced show why environmentalists and some development experts say much of the stimulus spending may promote urban sprawl while scrimping on more green-friendly rail and mass transit."

"It's a lot of more of the same," said Robert Puentes, a metropolitan growth and development expert at the Brookings Institution in Washington who is tracking the legislation. "You build a lot of new highways, continue to decentralize" urban and suburban communities and "pull resources away from transit."

Highway advocates note that their projects are 'ready-to-go'.

"Polly Trottenberg, director of Building America's Future, a Washington-based group promoting innovation in infrastructure improvements, counters that "there are plenty of projects that can put Americans back to work immediately and also start the transformation that is needed."

Her organization and other groups have pinpointed $16.5 billion in mass-transit projects on which work can start within a year, and in many cases within four months.

They also are backing a provision in the stimulus legislation that would require states to spend funds on maintenance before building new roads. And they also want to direct funds to metropolitan planning authorities and to create a national oversight group to help coordinate the spending."

[Correspondent's note: The article confirms many of the issues raised earlier by NYT columnist David Brooks in this article].

Thanks to Tony Donovan

Full Story: Rail Takes Back Seat as States Target Obama Stimulus for Roads



Transit In The Stimulus Package

APTA has said that $12 billion in transit projects are ready to go, so they can be funded in the stimulus package. Building America's Future says there are $16.5 billion ready to go.

Sen. Schumer and Rep. Nadler say that they are negotiating to get $20 billion for transit in the stimulus package. I don't see what BAF is kvetching about, since that is more than they say is possible.

A change in direction from freeways to transit requires a lead time for planning new projects, and that can come through the TEA reauthorization in September, but not through the stimulus package.

If environmentalists want to be effective, they should talk about shifting money from new freeway construction to repairing existing freeways. Not much can shift to transit, and it is self-defeating for environmentalists to constantly focus on transit in the stimulus package.

Charles Siegel

Qualitative difference not quantitative

It is not a matter of how fast we go. It is what direction. If our will is to turn away from the auto, sprawl, oil-war culture, then we have to fight for every dollar. The money could be used for a free transit pilot project in a mid-size city.


Sure It Could

"The money could be used for a free transit pilot project in a mid-size city."

Sure it could. You just have to design the pilot project, get it approved by the city, and get it running within six months - which is impossible.

Charles Siegel

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