Dublin the Number of Taxis Was a Mistake

With thousands more licensed taxis than New York City, Dublin Ireland is facing a glut of idle cabs.

"The most visible sign of the Irish recession is not the endless 'For Sale' or 'Price Reduced' signs that line residential and business streets; it is the sheer number of idle taxis. At some taxi stands in central Dublin, the cars are lined up a two dozen deep, their drivers bored rigid behind the wheel.

No wonder: There are about 16,000 licensed taxis in Dublin, up from about 2,800 in the late 1990s. That's a lot of taxis. New York City, which is 7 or 8 times bigger than Dublin (population 1.2-million), has about 13,000 licensed cabs.

A decade ago, Dubliners complained about having to wait an hour or longer for a cab. So the city deregulated the licensing process. Almost anyone could get in the taxi game and the numbers grew enormously. [Then] the recession...hit and drivers are getting desperate. Dublin could do with half the number of taxis."

Full Story: The biggest taxi glut in Europe



And this is bad why?

So you don't have to wait at all for a cab when you need one in Dublin... I fail to see why this is a bad thing? It sure stinks for a number of taxi drivers, who will, presumably not be tax drivers much longer. The best (or the luckiest) drivers will stay in business as other move on and soon the number of taxis will be back in line with the need. Sure sounds like a win for cab riders (and a much better situation than it was reportedly a decade ago).

Governments trough out the World have learnt that lesson.

If you saturate markets, especially the taxi industry. As drivers incomes go down so do your standards. Vehicles are not replaced. you have an aging fleet. Like any market you use your brains and link the product to the size of the population. Obviously in the past things were not ideal. But be sensible and issue what a population Requires. Just from a traffic management point of view you would only issue what is required.

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