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No Go On Hybrid Taxi Mandate

A federal judge has put the kibosh on New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's plan to require taxi companies to use mostly hybrid vehicles by 2012.

"In response to the judge's order, the city signaled that it would seek to achieve similar results by other means, perhaps by creating a system of incentives that would effectively push most cab owners to buy hybrid vehicles instead of the less fuel-efficient Ford Crown Victoria model that is the workhorse of today's taxi fleet.

The judge, Paul A. Crotty, of Federal District Court in Manhattan, issued an injunction to stop the city from enforcing the rule because, he said in a written order, the plaintiffs were likely to succeed in a key legal argument -that only the federal government has the right, under existing laws, to set fuel efficiency standards.

Many in the taxi industry have resisted the change, however, claiming that the available hybrids were not designed for the rough-and-tumble duty of New York cabs and were more prone to costly breakdowns. They have also argued that the lighter and smaller hybrids are less safe, with occupants more likely to be injured in accidents. Judge Crotty said that questions of safety were not factors in his decision."

Full Story: Judge Kills Mayor’s Try at Greening Taxi Fleets



Crotty says safety not a factor

THAT ices it. Anyone notice how the coverage by the newspapers of the whole taxi hybrid intitiative for NYC taxis, with each article, as time passed by, there was continually decreasing coverage of the illegal partition risk of death and dismemberment?

Did anyone notice how the NYCT&LC tried to explain away their illegl partition requirements by blurting that the USDOT has no requirement for the TLC to test partitions? I never noticed anyone suggest that the USDOT DID have such a requirement.

The NYCT&LC SHOULD take notice of at least a few of their violations of federal auto safety law in the manner they mandate taxi parittions in NYC.

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