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Transportation Infrastructure Now

Mariia Zimmerman of Transportation for America makes the case for a significant investment in transportation infrastructure, from bike paths to inter-city trains.

[W]e need to focus on completing our transportation system with inter-city trains, world-class public transportation and streets that are safe for walking and biking, as we restore our existing roads and bridges to good repair.

These investments will help stabilize our economy in the short-term as they lay the groundwork for the future, while helping millions of Americans in our daily lives, reducing our national dependence on oil and making for a cleaner, greener and less energy-intensive future."

"Providing the transit, walking and biking infrastructure so that more people in our growing nation can live in closer proximity to daily needs and use their cars less could save billions more gallons of oil. It can also restore value to many of our urban neighborhoods: In most regions, homes near jobs and/or transit stations are holding their value, while those with the longest commutes are seeing steep declines and little buyer interest."

Full Story: Reinventing American Transportation



Don't forget Scooters and Motorcycles!

Great article. I would add lanes for scooters and small motorcycles to the infrastructure investments. These proven modes are relatively affordable when compared to owning a car and can achieve very high gas mileage. At least in my hometown of Raleigh, NC, I see more and more scooters and motorcycles on the road every day. Unfortunately, these riders must share the road with cars and SUVs, a very dangerous mix. We need a system of exclusive lanes to accommodate serious bike riders, scooters, and small motorcycles in order to see these modes achieve their full potential. One way to start would be to incorporate Exclusive Motorcycle Lanes (EML) into the transit and roadway alternatives analysis process. EMLs could be combined with BRT systems, increasing the investment potential of a BRT. For example, Transport for London has conducted a three year study that demonstrated motorcycles can safely coexist in bus lanes.


Duane Verner
Exclusive Motorcycle Lanes (EML)

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