Schwarzenegger Vetoes Port-Air Pollution Bill

CA Governor Schwarzenegger vetoed perhaps the most important air quality bill of the year just before the deadline to the dismay of the state's environmental and health community. Alaska Gov. Palin's letter asking for the veto may have played a role.

"A bill that would've raised as much as $300 million a year to fight air pollution around the ports of Oakland, Long Beach and Los Angeles was among Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's last-minute vetoes Tuesday.

Republican vice-presidential nominee and Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin had asked Schwarzenegger last month to veto this bill, fearing it would increase the cost of goods shipped through California ports to Alaska.

"I have to conclude it had something to do with it," Assemblyman Sandre Swanson, D-Alameda, said Wednesday of Palin's request.

SB974 would've imposed a fee of up to $30 per shipping container processed in the (three ports) with the revenue to be spent on relieving ground traffic and air pollution in communities around the ports. It was supported by environmental and health organizations, and opposed generally by retailers and manufacturers moving cargo through the ports."

From PCL press release:
"We are extremely disappointed that the Governor went back on his word and vetoed the best solution we have to the devastating pollution plaguing communities near the ports and other goods movement corridors," stated Tina Andolina, Legislative Director for the Planning and Conservation League.

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Full Story: Governor vetoed port air cleanup bill



Wrong Governor Swarzenegger

The Governor has been offered GLOBAL WARMING SOLUTIONS that would do far more than he has ever done to save the environment yet he will not answer letters.
I offered him a method that can reduce a buildings heating and cooling bill by over 50% with a similar percent reducing green house gas emissions after a few years of saving energy this method is paid for and then goes on for many many more years to do more of the same using old proven technology, this is simple to do something that most of us can do. I offered the Governor a Global Warming Solution that would rid a city of its pollution by capturing it and locking it away forever on land underground or under water, using old proven technology and one of my innovations thinking that what California does the world will copy.
The Governor was wrong to veto the bill as he has other options that would help the situation out big time.
I can show him how to decrease emissions by 40% using old proven technology and not just in the Ports for all vehicles.
What he has done by vetoeing thi senvironmental bill is He is Saying he Does Not Care about the Environment and it shows!

Irvin Dawid's picture

An editorial on Schwarzenegger's veto of the air pollution bill

Editorial: Schwarzenegger wrong to veto port air bill:

"Schwarzenegger should have taken action. Cleaning up the ports wasn't going to be a free ride in any economic time. California needs to implement a plan to cut emissions at its ports, and even a modified plan would've been a start.

We understand times are tough, but we can't take our eye off the future. Schwarzenegger made a mistake when he vetoed this bill." ("Inside Bay Area" editorial)

Irvin Dawid, Palo Alto, CA

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