Three Cheers for the Automobile

Former Congressman Ernest Istook discusses why the automobile is the ultimate manifestation of freedom, mobility, and personal choice, and argues for a re-allocation of public spending away from mass transit and other alternatives.

"Let's hear it for automobiles."

"They are the great American freedom machines."

"They offer us enormous opportunities to go where we want, when we want. They are even more energy-efficient than the mass transit systems touted by "smart growth" advocates."

"Autos dramatically expand the geographical area in which people can work, shop, eat, attend school or just enjoy themselves without the extra time needed to match public transit schedules or to walk or bike. With extra range of movement comes a huge range of extra opportunity."

"Yet professional planners have persuaded government to sink billions into trying to push us into mass transit. Since 1970, more than half a trillion dollars have been pumped into mass transit subsidies. The result? More than 95 percent of America's workers still drive to work."

Full Story: The great American freedom machine




This article is going to have me fuming all evening. Cars and the freeway system don't pay for themselves either. All transportation is subsidized. I can only hope that this mindset dies off in the face of higher gas prices.

Yea it is funny he quotes

Yea it is funny he quotes the Texas Transportation Institute for one number but leaves out their recent study that show just how massively we subsidize road building with taxes other than the gas tax and user fees. Yup roads/cars do not, and never have paid for themselves.

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Out of ideas
The carbon-auto industry is losing even the religious right. Their trolls in congress are desperate to keep their jobs, but they are completely out of ideas as this pathetic cheerleading shows.

It's amazing

It's amazing that these "news" sites actually exist (and that people read them).

Take this seriously

The fact that the Heritage foundation is deploying their crew on this is not something to be taken lightly. Look for really scary depictions of liberals taking your car away to be more prevalent in the near future, paired with silly distortions of urban lifestyles.

Right now progressives are loosing this fight - the control and framing of the current energy debate is being ceded to the reactionaries just as "national security" issues were in the past. What is funny about this op-ed is that it responds to an argument progressive leaders have not even had the brains or courage to make yet. The idea here is that by the time they do, the well will already be poisoned.

Oh, a bit more on Representative Istook and where he gets his orders:


I like how WorldNutDaily picks up this op-ed.

Why? This is simply more red meat for the ideology. That is its purpose. Nothing more.



Freedom Machines?

Where's the freedom in only one choice of mode? It can be pretty liberating to have good public transportation and a walkable community so you aren't burdened by gas prices, oil changes and finding a parking space.

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