The Possibilities of 'Spime'

Noah Radford of Space Syntax gave an interesting presentation on the possible future of "spimes", objects like bricks that are given self-awareness in space and time (hence, spime) and what such objects might mean for future planning and design.

This article is a video presentation hosted by RUDI (Resource for Design Information) from April 29th, 2008 in London. Follow the link below to view the video.

Thanks to Noah Raford

Full Story: Real time data collection methods, parametric modelling at the urban scale, and remote control urbanism



One word: PRIVACY

I can't be the only one watching this video who reels at the notion of smart transistors giving space, time, and who knows what other information from every brick and fence post.

Furthermore, the brick has been one of the most environmentally friendly of human inventions for nearly 9,000 years (not ONE thousand as the speaker states). Why introduce what amounts to embedded e-waste and unnecessary radio wave diffusion?

Only when all other tools and methods of making better cities are exhausted would I entertain the thought of "spime". Let the "poor grad students" count people by hand!

There are countless well-loved and livable places that got to their present state through time, care, and good design without the aid of big brother and talking bricks.

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