Web 2.0 in Planning

Hot technologies like blogs, mashups, YouTube, Flickr, and social networking are among the most notable of new Internet technologies that are collectively known as Web 2.0. These technologies offer great possibilities for planners.

"The standard methods of outreach and collaboration that rely on traditional media, public meetings, mailings, neighborhood canvassing, and charrettes are not expected to give way anytime soon, but Web 2.0 offers creative ways to engage stakeholders who otherwise might be overlooked. Of the many permutations of Web 2.0, planners have begun to focus on several specific technologies: blogs, surveys, photo and video sharing, mashups, and social networking."

Thanks to APA/Planning Magazine

Full Story: Building Cities in the Virtual World



Missing the oldest online community

Cyburbia, founded in 1994, is the Internet's oldest continuously operating planning-related Web site. Cyburbia has served the urban planning community for nearly 14 years with very little funding or financial remuneration. The Cyburbia Forums (http://www.cyburbia.org/forums) went online in 1996, and today remains a busy third place for planners, planning students and others interested in the built environment, with almost 5,800 members, and nearly 400,000 posts. As well as serving as a valuable resource and support group for planners seeking and offering solutions to real-world problems faced by the communities they represent, the Cyburbia Forums has been the basis for hundreds of real-life friendships, and, believe it or not, two marriages.

Although Cyburbia was the very first online community related to urban planning, it was not mentioned in the otherwise comprehensive "Building Cities in the Virtual World" article that appeared in the April 2008 edition of Planning Magazine. While there were six paragraphs devoted to Facebook groups in the "Online Communities" section of the article, Cyburbia was curiously absent, not just from the section but from the entire article.

Would someone write a thorough article about New Urbanism and leave out Andres Duany, Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk and Seaside, Florida? Would an article about urban growth boundaries fail to mention Portland, Oregon? Would a dissertation on congestion pricing exclude London? Probably not. We feel the exclusion of Cyburbia from the "Building Cities in the Virtual World" article in Planning magazine is a glaring omission.

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