Brad Pitt Announces Plans To Build Eco-Friendly Homes In New Orleans

The actor-turned-developer announced plans to build 150 environmentally-friendly homes for low-income families in New Orleans's Lower Ninth Ward.

"On Monday, the actor announced plans to build 150 eco-friendly homes in the Louisiana city's Lower 9th Ward, an area devastated by Hurricane Katrina. In the storm's aftermath, the community's housing stock was largely demolished, leaving many of its residents living in trailers"

"'It wasn't just -- you can't call this an act of God,' he said of Katrina. 'This was a man-made failure. This should not have happened.'"

"Pitt said his Make It Right project won't stop with rebuilding the Lower 9th Ward. The ultimate goal is to build eco-friendly homes throughout New Orleans and the Gulf Coast."

Pitt has assembled a team of architects from both the local New Orleans area and throughout the world to help with the project. He is hoping to raise funds through private donations.

Full Story: Pitt has big plans for future



The first rule is don't talk about it

Somebody forgot to remind Pitt that the first rule of the New Orleans club is not to talk about New Orleans. But seriously. . .

Is it smart to build eco-friendly homes below sea level in the first place? If that is the case they need another more appropriate spokesman, say Spongbob Squarepants? Pineapple homes are well-insulated and hatch doors keep out floodwaters.

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