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U.S. Coastal Cities Face Catastrophic Risk

The U.S. coastline, home to 53% of the nation's population, is at catastrophic risk from just a 1-meter rise in sea level concludes a major new study.

"A sea level rise as little as 1 meter could have catastrophic impact along the country's 12,000 miles of coastline, where 53 percent of Americans live, according to the group's pathbreaking scientific analysis"

"Such cities as Miami Beach and Hollywood, Fla., New Orleans, Hampton, Va., and Point Pleasant, N.J., would have major areas under water with a sea rise of 1 meter. By a 1.5-meter rise, Miami and other Florida communities, along with East Boston, Mass., Galveston, Texas, and Atlantic City, N.J., are in deep trouble. By 3 meters, San Francisco, New York, Boston, San Diego and Savannah, Ga., fall victim to severe damage. "

Full Story: Study Shows High Sea Rise Danger for U.S. Coastal Cities



1 meter rise is HUGE

"... as LITTLE as 1 meter rise" ???

That's huge! That's 39.3 inches. Even the article doesn't state that such a rise is emminent.

Does anyone know of any study that projects a an ocean rise of 39.2 inches within, say, the next hundred years?

The highest number I've seen is 23 inches, and even that number is highly disputed.

1 Meter Sea Level Rise Response

Subscribers of Planetizen should read the following for a more complete picture of sea level rise due to global warming.

Article about ice melt projections:

Dr. James Hansen's (NASA) remarks to questions about sea level rise raised in our study:

Greenland ice melt:

And of course, the papers on warming and sea level rise cited in our study.

Architecture 2030

Coastal Perils

Further background on seriousness of danger to coastal areas me be found at these locations:
Article about ice melt projections:
Dr. James Hansen's (NASA) remarks to questions about sea level rise raised in the Architecture 2030 study:
Greenland ice melt:

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