Alaskan Villages Claimed By Climate Change

As the permafrost melts, villagers in small Alaskan towns are forced to abandon their homes, which are sinking and eroding before their eyes.

"The earth beneath much of Alaska is not what it used to be. The permanently frozen subsoil, known as permafrost, upon which Newtok and so many other Native Alaskan villages rest, is melting, yielding to warming air temperatures and a warming ocean. Sea ice that would normally protect coastal villages is forming later in the year, allowing fall storms to pound away at the shoreline."

"Erosion has made Newtok an island, caught between the ever widening Ninglick River and a slough to the north. The village is below sea level, and sinking. Boardwalks squish into the spring muck. Human waste, collected in 'honey buckets' that many residents use for toilets, is often dumped within eyeshot in a village where no point is more than a five-minute walk from any other. The ragged wooden houses have to be adjusted regularly to level them on the shifting soil."

"Some villages plan to hunker down behind sea walls built or planned by the Army Corps of Engineers, at least for now. Others, like Newtok, have no choice but to abandon their patch of tundra. The corps has estimated that to move Newtok could cost $130 million because of its remoteness, climate and topography. That comes to almost $413,000 for each of the 315 residents."

Full Story: Victim of Climate Change, a Town Seeks a Lifeline



Victim of Climate Change, a Town Seeks a Lifeline

I'm feel certain Senator James Inhofe and author Michael Crichton will be first in line to assist these villagers -)

Permafrost melting.

The rate of permafrost melt is graphed as a Hockey Stick (TM) shape, therefore the melting is not happening. ;o)




Bus tickets and U-Hauls. I'll pay $40k each and keep the other 90%.

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