Chicago Transit Authority Board Members Don't Use Mass Transit

Chicago Transit Authority board members prefer to drive, leading the mass transit riding public to think they don't understand system problems.

Suprisingly, one wheelchair-bound board member used his Chicago Transit Authority pass for 129 rides in 2006, more than all the other board members combined. "The release of the 2006 ridership data for the CTA's top brass and politically appointed board members comes amid unprecedented mechanical breakdowns and delays on some CTA rail lines; warnings of even more serious service disruptions to come this spring when work gears up on tracks shared by the Red, Brown and Purple/Evanston Express trains; and increasing ridership resulting in severe overcrowding on buses and trains during peak hours. The ridership data also reflect complaints from many riders angry over the service meltdowns that some CTA officials are out of touch with their customers."

Full Story: Some run the CTA but rarely ride it



Same problem in Washington, DC

Several years ago most of the Washington METRO Board refused to take METRO, claiming it wasn't convenient enough for them. And, the General Manager got himself a METRO paid for SUV so he could drive from his suburban home to the METRO office downtown. The current General Manager, and the previous one both use the system. Maybe these folks all need to start eating their own dog food.

Here's some good news

Sadhu A. Johnston, Chicago's Commissioner of Environment, bikes to work nearly every day.

He doesn't just carry out green policies; he's setting a positive example for Chicagoans to follow.

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