Chávez Denies Elimination Of Private Property In Venezuela

Amid concerns over his plans to create a modern socialist republic, Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez has denied that he has plans to phase out the concept of private property in the country.

"President Hugo Chávez says that there are no plans to eliminate private property in Venezuela even as the country overhauls its eight-year-old Constitution this year in line with his vision for '21st century socialism.'"

"'The Bolivarian revolution, I repeat, doesn't exclude, prohibit or have any kind of plan to eliminate private property,' Chávez said over the weekend, referring to his program to transform Venezuela in honor of the 19th-century South American revolutionary, Simon Bolivar."

"While preserving private property, a revised Constitution would also protect 'social' and 'collective' property, like the country's large oil reserves, Chávez said, without giving further details."

"'Private property isn't the only kind of property,' Chávez said Saturday. 'When the conquistadors arrived here by sea, there was social property, collective property, and everyone was the owner of everything.'"

Full Story: Chávez says he has no plans to eliminate individuals' private property in Venezuela



It's interesting to note that

despite the mainstream media's (NY Times, CNN, etc) depiction of Hugo Chavez's Bolivar Revolution as an attack on capitalist principals of a free market economy, property ownership, etc and is more "evil" than Bush's illegal war in Iraq, the Venezuelan leader is seen by his own people and millions of others in Latin America as a refreshing balance to the imperialst/terrorist actions on the part of the United States in the Middle East and across the world. Venezuela also happens to have one of the highest life expectancies in all of Latin America and one of the best universal health care systems in all the world.

See, here in the Bay Area, we have true Green politics and a radio station from Berkeley called KPFA that reports the ENTIRE story, not the one supported by the corporate elite. And yes, before you all attack me with labels, I will admit I am a complete progressive socialist in the tradition of Noam Chomsky and Howard Zinn, and 100% proud of it!

So why is this story in Planetizen? To support the status quo elite power structure and slander the popularly elected Venezuelan leader.

Still news worthy...

I think this piece is news worthy regardless of the way any one of us feels about it personally. I think the reason this article was posted as news was to show one side of a debate, which is a good start. However, you then followed by providing the other side of the debate, which is also good. I’m glad that someone is attempting to show the other side of the debate, regardless of whether or not I agree. No debate can occur when only one side is shown. However, to improve your side of the debate you should give us a link to the KPFA website or other areas where we can find sources about his topic. Then all of us would be able to evaluate the information for ourselves and come to our own conclusions. That's a true debate, and the power of this forum! Lastly, if Planetizen wanted to purely support the status quo then they wouldn’t allow people to post responses in the first place, so give them some credit because no one is perfect.

Links to get the debate started...

However, most intelligent people can readily find this information on their own without my attempting to "improve" my side of the debate. Any intelligent debate on this topic can begin with or without spoon-fed links to help the readers along.


Progressive Magazine

Green Party

Howard Zinn

Hugo Chavez

Still highly skeptical about Planetizen's true intentions for posting the article, regardless of if readers are able to post comments or not.

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