Katrina Cottages Not Heading For Katrina Victims

Buyers from other parts of the country are threatening to snap up the supply of homes before they can get to storm victims.

"Bureaucratic delays and a spat between Mississippi and Louisiana have stalled release of federal money the two states need to move Hurricane Katrina victims into the cottages and other permanent homes.

Meanwhile, people outside the Gulf Coast have expressed interest in using the cottages for everything from vacation homes to ski lodges to military housing, according to Ray Taylor, whose California-based company, Housing International, makes the homes.

That means families living hundreds of miles from the Gulf Coast and New Orleans may move into the storm-proof cottages months before most Katrina victims do.

Just outside Washington in Montgomery County, Md., a steel-framed Katrina cottage built to withstand 140 mile-per-hour winds is on display in a parking lot. It's about to be the new home of Phyllis Johnson, 59, whose dilapidated house nearby will be torn down and replaced by the cottage."

Full Story: Cottages first going elsewhere



Why am I not surprised?

The state of Louisiana has recently been awarded $74 million dollars to fund a contract for Katrina Cottages. http://www.hattiesburgamerican.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20061223/N...
I lived in Buras, in Plaquemines Parish where Katrina first came ashore pushing a tsunami-type storm surge that destroyed most of our Parish. Plaquemines has been largely ignored when it comes to housing. Despite the fact that most everyone with the exception of Belle Chasse and the wealthy Jesuit Bend area still lives in an 8X30' FEMA trailer now 16 months later with no answers in sight due to the fact that our levees will not be recertified.
With the fact we were the first to feel the effects of Katrina coupled with our uniquely remote area and the majority of our southern and eastern residents in FEMA trailers you would think we would merit help above all other areas.
In the above article I have cited it looks like those who are getting Katrina Cottages wont be able to keep them anyway. (go figure!!! Why am I not surprised?) I wonder how much it will cost to dismantel and haul off Katrina Cottages?!!! Will this insanity ever end???

For more about our plight go to:

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