Has Commuter Cycling Peaked in New York?

A new study conducted by the City of New York shows that after years of phenomenal growth, commuter cycling remained flat in 2012 during the typical riding season, reports Matt Flegenheimer. However, ridership during the colder months did increase.

"From April through October, an average of 18,717 people were recorded, at the locations on weekdays from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., down slightly from 18,846 in 2011," says Flegenheimer. "Over the three previous years, cycling had increased by 26 percent, 13 percent and 8 percent in the same period."

Not all of the ridership figures were stagnant, however. The city's Transportation Department also noted that from December 2012 through February 2013, ridership was up 23 percent over the previous year.

"But even among some advocates, the stalled momentum during the traditional riding season appeared to signal a change," notes Flegenheimer.

“The fabulous increase in cycling in the past half-dozen years has leveled off,” said Charles Komanoff, a transportation economist and longtime cycling advocate. “To some extent, the D.O.T. has done or is doing everything it can do.”

"Expanding cycling, he said, was now largely incumbent on the Police Department, which has faced persistent criticism from advocates over its inconsistent enforcement of traffic laws."

Full Story: Commuter Cycling Stays Flat in ’12



Bike share

It would be interesting to understand the impact that the delays in bike share rollout might have had on these numbers. I've held off on replacing my commuter bike in the hopes that I wouldn't need one. Just one data point but I wonder if there are others for whom the delay has had an impact.

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