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New Lofts Far From 'Run-Of-The-Mill'

Live-work space succeeds in an Easthampton (Western Massachusetts) mill, with plans for a high-tech gay and lesbian retirement community in a second mill nearby.

The Fuller Brush industrial building has become "Eastworks", with 17,000 square feet of studio space and 47 loft apartments. Will Bundy, a mill-conversion pioneer, created the space for arts- and industry-related businesses. Also under development is Paradise One, planned for gay and lesbian retirees, that incorporates caregiving technology.

"The development, in partnership with Intel, will offer health-care related technology, like bed sensors that monitor weight and mobility and send information wirelessly to health workers."

Holyoke's mills along the Connecticut River are also being converted to office space and residential lofts.

Full Story: Old Mills That Aren't Run of the Mill



Western MA lofts.

It is great that people are rehabbing these buildings in Easthampton and Holyoke, but it sounds pretty run of the mill to me. I don't really understand how this is going to help people who grew up in either of these cities? To me, it sounds like people who already have money and skills, are just getting a good deal on real estate. Sure, the tax base will rise a bit but it really is not laying the groundwork for the re-vitalization of mill cities.

Hopefully, these neighborhoods will be rehabilitated NOT gentrified. Long-time residents need jobs, skills, and affordable housing, not yoga studios, pricey condos, and latte shops.

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