Romney Unveils Energy Plan

In a campaign event this morning GOP Presidential candidate Mitt Romney was set to announce his energy strategy for America. Romney's plan focuses on decreasing regulation, while increasing off-shore drilling, to reach energy independence.

Clifford Krauss and Ashley Parker describe the details of the Romney energy plan, which was to be unveiled at a campaign event in Hobbs, N.M. this morning. While seeking the same goal of "energy independence" as sought by President Obama, Romney would follow a different path to achieving it - one that focuses on "granting states more regulatory power over drilling on federal lands, revitalizing the nuclear power industry, and approving the Keystone XL pipeline to carry more Canadian oil to refineries in the United States."

Krauss and Parker note that the expansion of off-shore drilling, a key component of Romney's plan, "is bound to be contentious after the disastrous BP well blowout in 2010."

Another element of Romney's plan that is bound to attract blowback is a proposal to expand oil and gas drilling on federal lands. "The proposal will surely be controversial among environmentalists hoping to preserve lands like desert stretches of New Mexico where threatened species roam," write Krauss and Parker. "A campaign document, however, said the proposal would exclude 'lands specially designated off-limits,' which presumably means national parks.

"The Obama campaign released a statement from Federico Peña, a secretary of energy in the Clinton administration, criticizing Mr. Romney's emphasis on drilling: 'We will never reach energy independence by turning our backs on homegrown renewable energy and better auto mileage.'"


Full Story: Romney Energy Plan Would Expand Oil Drilling on U.S. Land and Offshore



Dirty Energy Plan

It would have been more accurate to call this his "dirty energy plan." The jobs are all in dirty energy, and the plan features expaning off-shore drilling and removing protections from federal lands (including national parks).

The focus isn't surprising, considering how much funding he has gotten from dirty energy interests. For example, this article says:

"Over the past two days, he pulled in nearly $10 million in oil money: $6 million to $7 million Tuesday from two fund-raisers in Texas (in Houston and Midland), and $2 million at a fund-raiser Wednesday in Little Rock, Ark."

At the same time, he is destroying clean energy jobs. His promise to end the wind energy tax credit alone would destroy 37,000 jobs. And his failure to support clean energy would mean that China and Germany would dominate the global clean energy industry, expected to be worth $2 trillion per year by 2020, and the United States would essentially be locked out of this industry and all the jobs it would create.

It is a plan to increase the short-term profits of an obsolescent industry, and to leave us uncompetitive in the most important industry of the coming century.

Charles Siegel


We have tried the Obama way; 3 years of cronyism flushing tens of billions of taxpayer dollars down a sink hole that has produced nothing but expansive debt for the American taxpayers; mostly on the backs of the American middle class. And keep in mind, Obama's crazy green agenda made several of his contributors very wealthy at our expense (borrowed money with a debt bomb ticking).

Romney's plan is both practical and do able. It relies on proven energy supplies that can be exploited to our benefit in a very short time......and the Romney plan will produce much need (well paying) American jobs.

Romney's plan is a promise to produce jobs and make us energy independent..Obama has failed to deliver. Time for a change in plan.

Destroy An Industry In A Very Short Time

"It relies on proven energy supplies that can be exploited to our benefit in a very short time......and the Romney plan will produce much need (well paying) American jobs."

Wind power is a proven source of energy that can be developed in a very short time, but Romney's plan would devastate the industry, eliminating 37,000 well paying American jobs.

Wind is already cheaper than fossil fuels, if you count environmental costs. In a decade or two, it will be cheaper than fossil fuels, period.

China and Germany will continue to build their wind industries, and they would dominate this important sector of the world energy industry, because the United States would no longer be competitive under Romney's plan.

Rep. Scott Tipton, Republican of Colorado, has said, "Do you want to cut it [the wind-power industry] off when they’re on the cusp of being where we want them to be and to be able to create jobs and to be able to part of the energy solution? No, I don’t think we do."

Romney's plan rewards his big donors in the dirty energy industries. It does not protect these existing American energy jobs, and it leaves us unable to compete in this industry in the future.

PS: The idea that Obama's plans have fallen "mostly on the backs of the American middle class" is ludicrous, considering that Romney/Ryan budget plans would give large tax cuts to people earning over $250,000 per year and tax increases to those earning under $200,000 per year.

Charles Siegel

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