Friday Funny: Honda Helps the World Become Even Lazier

For those who thought having to stand to use a Segway required far too much exertion, Honda has introduced the Uni-Cub, a radical new way for humans to avoid ever having to be upright again.

Do you hate having to stand and walk to get from the couch to the bathroom, or from your office chair to the printer? Well Honda has the solution for you: the Uni-Cub, "a personal mobility device that lets you glide around the office or the aquarium perched comfortably on what looks like a trash compactor on wheels," writes Deborah Netburn. "Like the Segway, the Uni-Cub allows the rider to control it simply by shifting her weight forward, backward or side to side."

"The Uni-Cub is not on the market yet, but Honda said in June it will start testing the device at Japan's National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation."

Full Story: Move over Segway, Honda introduces the Uni-Cub



Barrier Free Is No Joke

I was disappointed that the author failed to recognize that a small unit that allows anyone mobility in small spaces is a breakthrough in design thought. Currently the biggest barrier to those who are permanently or temporarily disabled is the size of powered mobility devices. A device this size might be made available to any and all in the workforce, public buildings and in private homes/apartments.

The whole point of barrier free design and the growing movement advocating these elements incorporated into the built environment and open spaces was missed not only by the L.A. Times, but by Planetizen. I hope that you will republish this article under a new category - "Barrier Free Design" where it should be.

The saying "walk a mile in my shoes" takes on a whole new meaning when anyone is faced with the inability to ambulate in their home / work environment for any amount of time.

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