How Much Do Planners Make?

The American Planning Association has released the findings of its biennial salary survey of the planning profession. Check out the results to see how your compensation stacks up.

The fifth in a series of surveys conducted by the APA and AICP, beginning in 2004, this year's web-based Planner's Salary Survey received an exceptional 49% response rate from regular and new professional APA members.

According to the APA, "The typical full-time planner reported a 2012 annual salary of $71,000; this is similar to the $70,000 reported in 2010. This does not reflect the core rate of inflation (CPI - all urban consumers), which had a net gain of 4.8% per year during that period."

Although only APA members have access to the full results, the survey summary offers some compelling findings regarding the correlation between compensation and experience, AICP status, type of employer, and location of employment. The top states for median salary were also revealed, with the District of Columbia, California, and Nevada ranked at the top.     

The survey was conducted for APA and AICP by Readex Research, an independent research company. 

Full Story: Salary Survey Summary



Very Helpful But......

Thanks. This is very helpful. But it would be great to see a chart revealing race, experience, and salary.
Harden A. Carter

geography matters

but as planners we know this already.


The data is based on 1,000 plus apa member survey replies. It appears that the higher paid persons in our profession were more likely to complete the survey. Either that or I am the lowest paid planner who completed the survey.

By the way, the full demographics, etc. are available on the apa website if you log in with your membership id and password.

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