In S.F., it's Tech Companies In and Diversity Out

Twitter’s move into San Francisco this month is part of a new trend of tech companies setting up in the city, causing rents to skyrocket, and forcing lower-income residents out.

A different kind of gold rush is hitting San Francisco. But instead of golden nuggets, entrepreneurs are looking for office space.

Norimitsu Onishi reports that tech companies, such as Twitter, are repositioning their headquarters in the middle of the city, bringing with them jobs and gentrification. But the pull away from Silicon Valley brings young workers along with it, raising residential rents and putting at risk, "the very qualities that have drawn generations of outsiders here, like the city's diversity and creativity. Families, black residents, artists and others will increasingly be forced across the bridge to Oakland, they [critics] warn."

"If you have a city that is wall to wall with tech workers, that might be really cool from a tech worker's standpoint," said Peter Cohen, director of the San Francisco Council of Community Housing Organizations, a private group representing nonprofit housing developers. "But that is not the kind of rich diversity of population that makes San Francisco the place that it is."

While Mayor Edwin Lee, who has aggressively courted the start-ups, "recently proposed creating a housing trust to finance affordable housing for the next thee [sic] decades,...It is not clear whether the trust - which must be approved by the Board of Supervisors and voters in a vote in November - will become reality, much less what effect it will have over decades."

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Full Story: New San Francisco Tech Boom Brings Jobs but Also Worries



Michael Lewyn's picture

Maybe if the city actually allowed stuff to be built...

There'd be enough housing for everyone!

Long overdue change...

"Maybe if the city actually allowed stuff to be built..."

Right on... and if Mayor Lee (a moderate Democrat) is pro-development then it's about time and long overdue. SF has been ruled for decades by a coalition of leftie supervisors, poverty pimps, and other various radical blowhards who are anti-development, anti-progress, anti-everything, except being for creating a large class of non-productive citizens dependent on public handouts financed by taxpayers. If there is a shortage of housing, affordable or otherwise, then it is the fault of these bitter souls who always stand in the way of building anything in this city. In fact, what really worries leftie Supervisors like Mr. Campos would be the changing demographics of their constituents following the influx of new residents who are actually employed.

As for diversity, SF is in absolutely no danger of becoming a mediocre, white-bread version of Middle America. Finally, just for those who are not familiar, The (radical left and also against everything) Bay Guardian, quoted in this story as declaring Oakland being cooler than SF, is hardly an impartial observer of social change.


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