Retired Faculty: Keeping Up With Them Via Blogs

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With the proliferation of new media planning practitioners have new ways to find out about the continuing work of planning faculty members who have retired. Not all of them blog of course, but the list below demonstrates some of the variety of these efforts.

  • Emeritus Columbia Professor Peter Marcuse, blogging at, can be relied upon for provocative insights about current events. His recent postings explore Occupy Wall Street but earlier blogs have investigated a number of his other interests such as the foreclosure crisis, housing policy, and social capital.
  • In the UK, Cliff Hague, an emeritus professor at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, blogs at, a site affiliated with the Royal Town Planning Institute. Hague's "World View" blog deals with topics of global concern such as innovation, UN conferences, and regional resilience. Recent blogs feature cases in Europe, Africa, and Australia.

Of course there are a number of blogs by more senior but not yet emeritus faculty, for example Larry Susskind at MIT ( These are also well worth watching.

Ann Forsyth is professor of Urban Planning at Harvard University.



Blogs or forum where current urban planning professors interact

Are you aware of current urban planning professors-blog (not retired) or forum where one can interact with them.

APA forum is for professional planners but I have not found Planning-academic forum.

Like to have your info.


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Current Planning Faculty

Thanks for your query about where planning faculty interact. They have a planning faculty-only listserv called Planet where they interact with each other. The best way for studemts or prospective students to interact with faculty is to read their work, attend their lectures at conferences and the like, or actually attend their programs.

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