Where It Pays To Be A Woman

To mark the upcoming anniversary of International Women's Day, Sarah Morrison investigates the best and worst places around the world to be a woman.

While conditions for women may be improving around the world, the pace of improvements and the "global gender gap" are cause for concern for everyone. According to Morrison, "Eighty-five per cent of countries have improved conditions for women over the past six years, according to the World Economic Forum, but in economic and political terms there is still a long way to go."

Morrison's article looks at a range of topics, including the best places for women to be a politician (Rwanda), be a mother (Norway), give birth (Greece), and earn money (Luxembourg), among other surprising results.

On the overall best place to be a woman (Iceland), Morrison writes, "Iceland has the greatest equality between men and women, taking into account politics, education, employment and health indicators. The UK comes in at 16th place, down one since 2010. The worst is Yemen, and the most dangerous is Afghanistan."

Full Story: Revealed: The best and worst places to be a woman



11 European cities to boost women entrepreneurship

Good article that highlights well the ongoing challenges to improve women conditions of living –despite a global improvement- Especially in the economic sphere, women tend to encounter more obstacles than men to become entrepreneurs.

To improve this situation 11 European cities (from Spain, UK, Sweden) cooperate under the WEED project (Women, Enterprise and Employment in Local Development) through the URBACT programme (www.urbact.eu). The main objective of WEED is to provide capacity building for professional development on the issue of women and economic and local development.

For more information :

-WEED website : http://urbact.eu/en/projects/human-capital-entrepreneurship/weed/our-pro...
-WEED final results: http://urbact.eu/en/results/results/?resultid=18
- « Cities can boost female entrepreneurship » on URBACT Blog : http://www.blog.urbact.eu/?p=1219

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