Developers of "Cool Roof" Buildings May Catch a Break

Industrial building developers, who had previously decried the price tag of green roofs now standard to many buildings in Toronto, may get the OK to construct an alternative, reflective roof instead.

Natalie Alcoba reports:

"The green roof bylaw applies to new high-rise condos and office buildings with floor surface greater than 2,000 square metres, to mid-rise buildings that are higher than eight storeys, industrial plants, schools and non-profit housing.

Advocates contend that green roofs reduce the 'urban heat island,' but opponents from the industrial sector warn the cost of installing such roofs on their massive plants could drive companies out of Toronto. New industrial buildings are exempt until April 30.

On Tuesday, the Toronto Catholic District School Board also raised money as an issue as it sought an exemption from the bylaw and the cash in lieu contribution it has to pay instead."

Full Story: City may ease green roof rules on new buildings



Terrace Garden on Every Roof !!

Green roof can be one of the essential and efficient means of sustainable architecture and green society.there are many aesthetic, health and environmental advantages of terrace garden. ..

How about climbing few steps in your own villa or taking a lift from your own apartment floor which leads to terrace where you would have found a lush green terrace garden where you would have done your daily meditation or Yoga and exercise while breathing in fresh air, spending quality time with family, only if they would have planned it properly as an approachable and inviting terrace garden, which is currently either not used at all or used as storage of discarded household stuffs in the midst of complexity of installed utilities and storage. So why not make terrace garden on every roof of the city. If governments across the cities shall make it either mandatory to have a terrace garden in every building with certain assistance or if incentivize this feature for being integrated in the architecture of building, that would be a great leap forward towards sustainable and greener urban future.

Anoop Jha

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