Raleigh Developer Thinks PRT is "Fun"

Developer John Kane of Raleigh, North Carolina rode the personal rapid transit (PRT) system at Heathrow, and decided it would be a perfect fit for Raleigh's North Hills area.

Kane developed the old mall at Raleigh North Hills into a dense multi-block mixed-use district, and sees the PRT as a fun way to get around.

From News 14:

"As part of the plan, PRT rail would go over Six Forks Road, with possible future connections to hospitals, neighborhoods, and even mass transit."

News 14 has the story, complete with video.

Thanks to Steve Raney

Full Story: Midtown Raleigh may get personal with transit



PRT for Raleigh smart growth

Quoted from http://www.ultraprt.com/applications/proposed-systems/raleigh-midtown/:
"" Kane Realty Corporation is a recognized leader in innovation with the transformation of the North Hills area. From the movie theater sitting directly on top of a Target store (with an escalator for shopping carts) to the two-story Harris Teeter grocery store, North Hills is being showcased throughout the country as an example of how best to maximize land use. “Kane Realty Corp. is clearly a leader in making innovation a reality. North Hills is one of the finest examples of pushing the envelope on successful smart-growth, high density, mixed-use”, announced Nick Ford, President of Sales, ULTra PRT. ""

The web page above features a nice rendering of PRT within a North Hills / Midtown context, links to more press coverage and the developers' web pages.

Steve Raney, Cities21, Palo Alto, CA

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