Friday Funny: How to Pick Up an Urban Planner

Cartoonist Emily says that urban planners are "some of the sexiest, smartest, wittiest individuals you'll ever meet," and offers these tips for sly pickup lines that can't miss with the planning crowd.

Here's just one of Emily's suggestions:

Courtesy of Irish Breakfast

Our favorite pickup line: "I'd Duany-thing to be CNU again."

Emily, it turns out, is also has official recognition from Frank Gehry that he is her archenemy.



Funny? Really?

The dating thread over on Cyburbia is much more entertaining than this.

"and" Urban Planner? Good.

Non-English-first-language misunderstanding

Colin Clark, in "Population Growth and Land Use" (1967) relays this little anecdote from "Town Planning Institute Journal" May 1959.

A Malaysian candidate for a Town Planning Institute examination answered a question about "urban sprawl" and the measures for its control, as follows:

"'Urban sprawl' is a place where people normally spend their leisure late in the evening or early at night. Normally courting couples or young couples are very fond of having such a sprawl in such urban areas. Such a sight is sometimes embarrassing to passers-by and in order to control such sprawl the local authority could do the following: 1) Have the urban sprawl placed well away from the town proper, say near or in the park ways or outside the town proper vicinity. Concrete stools may be provided so that such couples may have complete privacy 2) Enough lights be put on in such areas so that such sprawls could not take place."

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