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Rethinking the Essence of Urbanism

An contributor to the Huffington Post writes what he believes is the core of urbanism as a thought and its purpose.

Charles R. Wolfe writes:
"Another facet of urbanism comes from that indescribable human dance of history, people and place that occurs when we simply like what we see. It is exciting when something resonates, such as purposefully preserved fragments of what was--more than Colonial Williamsburg or Sturbridge--but places which take us back to a sustainable set of circumstances with a simple, irrational gestalt: to live there for a year rather than a day, or to take the places home."

Full Story: Rethinking the Essence of Urbanism



The essence of urbanism for some.

When he was our prof., we had no idea he had this in him.

Nonetheless, I'm not sure how to take the text and turn it into something to think about. That is: what does it have to do with the US and Canada (and to a lesser degree, AUS and part of EUR)?



Walkable and compact, live-work and such

The challenge of the piece is to do the thinking you propose in your observation :)

Laudable goals despite the 'new normal' in U.S.

That's true, Professor, and as I used to live in Europe I've thought about it a lot.

When - using an example close to home - Seattle cuts 11% of its Parks staff because maintaining them is 'unsustainable', I'm not sure that the two worlds you seemingly seek to conjoin are compatible. Different political economies, a different time. I'm a bottom-up guy but the top gets more heavy with each quarterly profit statement.

That is: we must change much before such things happen here. I can wield more than a pitchfork and a torch, too!



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