Olympic Boost to Vancouver Transit Ridership, Then a Drop

Transit ridership boomed during the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, but the numbers have since fallen.

"In the Olympic period, bus ridership jumped by 34 per cent, SkyTrain usage went up 54 per cent and the number of people on the SeaBus increased 200 percent.

Results of a study released Tuesday indicate about 44 per cent of those who made the switch continue to use transit.

The study found that the rest returned to their cars, citing the length of their commute, inconvenience and infrequent service, said Bernard Magnan of the Vancouver Board of Trade."

Increased frequency of buses and trains during the Olympics are cited as the reason for the jump in ridership -- and the reduction of that frequency is linked with its gradual decrease.

Full Story: Olympic transit legacy a mixed result



Surely this is a good news story

Surely this is a good news story. For 44% of those that switched to still be using transit instead of their cars one year on is fantastic. If you'd asked me to guess I'd have said maybe 10-20% tops.

Tim Barton

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