CA & FL To Win $900 Million & $800 Million For HSR

Awards for high speed rail projects will be announced Oct. 26. CA will receive $902 million for 18 projects from SF to San Diego, the largest in the Central Valley. Florida will get $800 million for the Orlando to Tampa line

The huge award for the Central Valley may cause that segment to begin construction first. The announcements were transmitted to congressional representatives in advance of the formal awards.

From Fresno Bee: "Rep. Jim Costa, D-Fresno, on Monday announced that the Federal Rail Administration had allocated $715 million specifically for building the first portion of the system in the Central Valley.

But California's High-Speed Rail Authority is still weeks from officially choosing which segment will be built first, and state officials appeared to be taken off-guard by Costa's announcement."

From Orlando Sentinel: "The official announcement is not expected until Thursday, (Oct. 28) but U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood told Florida lawmakers that he was adding ($800 million) to the $1.25 billion already pledged by the Obama administration for construction of the 84-mile-long rail line, which would run largely along the median of Interstate 4."

Thanks to California League of Conservation Voters

Full Story: Feds give California nearly $1 billion for high-speed rail and related train projects



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California's 'other' projects funded by HSR funds

San Francisco Chronicle (Oct. 26) reports on other projects within CA that the funds will be used for, though they pale in comparison to the Central Valley HSR stretch:

"The next largest piece of new funding - $25 million - is set aside for adding an advanced train control system in San Diego County (along with $21 million for three other rail improvement projects in the county). The San Francisco to San Jose high-speed rail segment is slated to receive $16 million."

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CA HSRA Received $715 M, not $902 M that went to CA

just to clarify - here's the Authority's press release: CALIFORNIA HIGH-SPEED RAIL AWARDED $715 MILLION: "Today, the California High-Speed Rail Authority was awarded $715 million from the federal government, bringing to $4.3 billion the funding secured to begin construction on the core of the system in 2012...The federal funding received today includes a designation that $715 million of the funding be used on an eligible section in the Central Valley, earmarking the money for either the Merced-to-Fresno or Fresno-to-Bakersfield sections."

And if you commute to/from SF on Caltrain now, here's some rare good news: "Also included in today's award was $16 million designated to improvements to the 4th and King Street Station in San Francisco, a station in the San Francisco to San Jose segment proposed to serve the existing commuter rail service and high-speed rail."

And if you are wondering how this $715M award and the prior $2.25B ARRA award add up to $4.3B: "The $4.3 billion in available funding incorporates the Authority’s January 2010 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act federal funding award matched dollar for dollar with state funds and today’s award of $715 million matched 30% in state funding."

Irvin Dawid, Palo Alto, CA

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