Immigrant Growth Powers Houston As A Global City

The growth of George Bush Intercontinental Airport, Continental Airlines' largest hub but also one of he principal destinations away from the coasts for international carriers, has vastly increased passenger traffic and allowed Houston's reinvention.

"Houston is a microcosm of the world," said Stephen Klineberg, a professor at Rice University and co-director of its Institute for Urban Research. "Houston ranks third in the nation in the number of consular corps," said Jeff Moseley, president and chief executive of the Greater Houston Partnership. "That means that 92 different countries from all over the world see the value of establishing relations with our city."

"Much of our economic growth is due to our international trade ties," he concluded.

In comparison with other central hub cities like Minneapolis/St. Paul or Dallas/Ft. Worth, Houston's demographics make it the more attractive option. "The growth of Harris County [including the city of Houston] during the past quarter-century was primarily due to immigration from abroad as well as the birth of new babies," explains Klineberg. It is one of the few American Metropolises with significant immigrant populations from all over the world, not just one region.

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the north and south elevation of a plow mule

North elevation
Ah yes, Houston there on the hill, glowing and gleaming like a shining beacon. A massive metropolis put together without a plan or planners--how amazing, let us all genuflect when we pass by (the north end)

South elevation
Wow!-how could anybody consciously create such a massive dysfunctional,ugly,tacky disaster where nothing works and even the sewer plant was built without a plan. Oh boy, more of the same is coming you say? Just can't wait, just can't wait.

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