Brad Pitt's New Orleans Homes "Symbolically Invaluable"

Architecture critic James Russell tours the homes built in New Orleans' Ninth Ward by Brad Pitt's Make It Right Foundation and finds a lot to like.

Russell tours several Make It Right homes, which were designed by local architects:

"All of the architects have rethought traditional architectural elements to fit the city's post-Katrina reality: informal living accommodated at modest cost in houses that stand above possible floods yet are tied-down tightly against hurricane winds."

In the end though, Russell wonders about the rightness of rebuilding in a location that is so prone to flooding.

Full Story: Brad Pitt's Architects Give New Orleans Safer, Snazzier Homes



Architecture for the Terminally Hip

Most of these are designs that only an avant-gardist architect (or an architecture critic) could like. It is too bad that Brad Pitt threw his weight behind these terminally hip designs.

The best innovation following Katrina was Marianne Cusato's low cost traditional designs that normal people can feel comfortable in. They were originally called Katrina Cottages, but now they are being sold as Cusato Cottages.

Charles Siegel

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