Texas Company To Export Alaskan Water to India

Within 6 to 8 months, Texas-based S2C Global Systems will begin exporting pure Alaskan mountain water all the way to India. The water will then be distributed via tanker to markets in south and west Asia and the Middle East.

"S2C Global Systems has announced the creation of a water hub at a port on the west coast of India with the potential to distribute billions of gallons of water each year from Sitka, Alaska to markets in India, the Middle East and west Asia," reports Brett Walton.

"This will be the world's first large-volume exports of water via tanker: companies have tried unsuccessfully for more than two decades to break open the bulk water export market. Past attempts have been thwarted by daunting logistics, concerns about natural resource sovereignty and commodification as well as the availability of cheaper local sources."

Full Story: Alaska City Set to Ship Water to India, US Company Announces



What could possibly go wrong?

According to HowStuffWorks, Suezmax tankers use about 1,660 gallons of oil per hour, or 39,840 gallons per day. If it takes 24 days to get the water from Sitka to Mumbai, that's a gallon of oil burned per 41 gallons of water transported.

That's not calculating the energy necessary to get the water from Mumbai to its end users, or the energy required to build, staff and maintain the tankers.

Wrong possibilities

Yeah, but cap'n those costs are externalized. So they don't really count and we should be clapping louder at these capitalists making money!




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