Small Cities Fill CNN's 'Best Places to Live'

Apparently metropolises are out- CNN Money's annual list of the "Best Places to Live" is filled with small cities like Eden Prairie, Minnesota and Overland Park, Kansas.

While CNN isn't explicit about their criteria, they do say they favor cities that "boast plenty of jobs, great schools, safe streets, low crime, lots to do, charm, and other features that make a town great for raising a family."

While the criteria aren't fully revealed, there are plenty of stats to go around on the site, with Top 25 lists for most affordable homes, most expensive homes, top-earning towns, job growth, fastest commutes,
slowest commutes, hottest, coldest, most rich and single people, youngest, and the cleanest air.

Logan, UT has the shortest commute in the report, with commute times averaging around 10 minutes.

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No, metros aren't out. Read the headline.

The subhead on the article is "America's list of best small cities", which would exclude all metropolises. While CNN didn't release their ranking criteria, we can only assume they confused "suburbs" to be small cities since there aren't that many small cities that are also central cities to a region on the list.

This is just another hogwash list. I'm sure Idaho Falls is boasting about their 99th place finish. "We beat Mount Pleasant!" can be the new slogan for their Economic Development department (if they have one, since they are, after all, a small city).

Apparently, CNN is clueless

Most of these "small cities" are located existing in MSA's. Overland Park Kansas achieves desirability, in part, due to the benefits of being an integral but upscale part of the Kansas City metropolitan area where residents can access amenities of a much larger area.

Overland Park is a city of nice subdivisions, big box retailers and office parks. It's only one part of the true city in which it exists.

If I live on the other side of the road in Leawood, Kansas (an even wealthier suburb), does my quality of life suffer? Of course not, but that's what this type of ranking implies.

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