Jan Gehl's Ten Principals For Liveability

Kaid Benfield introduces Jan Gehl and Walter Hook's principals to promote "environmentally sustainable and socially equitable transportation worldwide."

Benfield argues that Gehl is as important to "the cause of cities as Jane Jacobs," and has had great influence over the "design of public spaces, streets and pedestrian life." He is a part of the Institute of Transportation and Development Policy whose aim is to "work with city governments and local advocacy groups to implement projects that reduce poverty, pollution, and oil dependence." Presented here are ten sensible commandments for any contemporary urban planner.

Full Story: 10 Principals for Liveable Transportation



Thumbs up for Gehl

I am in full support of Gehl's visionary work to improve transportation in our cities. However, it is the responsibility of governments to implement his plans. Gehl prepared a plan to take cars and buses off busy roads in Sydney's CBD for pedestrians. So far the government has unfortunately failed to deliver his plan. Read more about his plan here: http://www.theplanningboardroom.net/plans-to-ban-traffic-in-sydneys-cbd/

Eli Gescheit

Irvin Dawid's picture

that's "Principles for Livability"

Sorry, George, don't mean to pick on you:-)

I liked the way Kaid Benfield describes his position in "About the Author". More importantly, though, is the omission of the most important principle - I've seen this omission SO MANY TIMES, most recently in Grist's 10 ways to kick the offshore-oil habit":

It's called PRICING, or "get the price right". Nothing about parking, tolls or other road fees, including congestion pricing, let alone a gas tax or VMT fee.

There is NO WAY public transit can compete on an 'unlevel playing field'. Too many planners and not enough economists in our crowd, IMO - where are you, Charles Komanoff?
Irvin Dawid, Palo Alto, CA

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