Gulf Spill Invigorates Peak Oil Movement

With the day-to-day news of oil gushing in the Gulf and BP's failure to cap it substantially, more Americans are thinking about what could happen if and when we run out of oil.

While their concerns appear to be more economic than environmental, the Gulf spill has caused more to consider this movement that the reporter likens to "collapsitarians" and "doomers".

"Located somewhere between the environmental movement and the bunkered survivalists, the peak oil crowd is small but growing, reaching from health food stores to Congress, where a Democrat and a Republican (Sen. Tom Udall/NM and Rep. Roscoe Bartlett/MD, respectively) formed a Congressional Peak Oil Caucus.

And they have been resourceful, sharing the concerns of other 'collapsitarians,' including global debt and climate change - both caused by overuse of diminishing oil supplies, they maintain.

Many people dispute the peak oil hypothesis, including Daniel Yergin, the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of "The Prize: The Epic Quest for Oil, Money and Power" and chairman of IHS Cambridge Energy Research Associates, a company that advises governments and industry. Mr. Yergin has argued that new technology continues to bring more oil."

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Full Story: Imagining Life Without Oil, and Being Ready



Good critique of this article

In part, "It might have mentioned that a report authorized by the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the US military recently predicts that Peak Oil is likely to occur by 2012 and that by as early as 2015 the world may be suffering from a shortfall of 10 million barrels a day. It might also have provided some commentary about what the likely fallouts from such a shortage could be, including economic and political disruption. But it didn’t. Far better to paint a light-hearted portrait of some canned food hoarding worry-warts."

The full article appears here:

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