Concern for Properties Beyond Tysons Corner Metro Villages

Plans to build dense urban villages around the new Metro stations in Tysons Corner have some landowners on the fringes feeling left out.

The Washington Post reports on the proposed transformation of parts of Tysons Corner into vibrant "24/7" urban villages.

"One concern stood out, however, Wednesday night when developers and commercial property owners lined up with residents and environmental advocates at a Fairfax County Planning Commission hearing to have a final say on the 233-page draft plan: the fate of developers whose property isn't within walking distance of one of the four planned Metro stations. Most everyone agrees that Tysons ought to be transformed into a "24/7 urban center" as the plan suggests, but developers of property without immediate Metro proximity were still feeling stomped upon."

For those with land beyond the walkshed of these new urban villages, the taxes and costs to build in the new Tysons Corner may be too much to lure investment, according to some concerned landowners and developers.

Full Story: Tysons plan worries developers with property not near planned Metro stations



Light Rail Possibilities

This would be a perfect area to allow the stations on the metro to become the hub of a hub and spoke light rail system. That would extend the transportation benefits further into Tysons Corner. Certainly the main station would not only be a transportation hub, but also an economic hub. At the same time, the economic benefits of the improved mass transit wouldn't only be limited to a small area around the metro stations.

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