The Campaign for Subway Etiquette

Graphic designer Jay Shells has created a set of 10 official-looking posters suggesting better etiquette in the New York City subway. Suggestions include not wiping barbecue sauce on pole and not clipping your fingernails on the train.

His 10 posts look similar to official posters noting service changes. Apparently, the guerrilla etiquette marketing effort has begun.

"MTA poster parodying graphic designer Jay Shells wasted no time kicking off his much needed ‘Subway Etiquette‘ campaign. As promised, the artivist started installing the appropriately modified posters on Wednesday morning, beginning at the 8th Avenue L station. Despite its highly illegal nature, this is the type of vandalism that even the graffiti-hating public can back. And remember, if you see something, say something."

Full Story: Artist Promotes ‘Subway Etiquette’ With Guerrilla Campaign




This is brilliant. I truly hope to see a change very soon in the riders' social behavior while using public spaces and transportation.

I think all 10 tips are great notes, well written, short and easily comprehensible. However, the best poster among all is 'Entering the Train'.

People really need to be aware of their surrounding and respect the presence of others while using a public space -and this goes for all of us! It is highly disrespectful and rude to not to move and open some space for others to enter the subway, especially during peak time hours when we all are in rush to get to a destination. Common courtesy.

The use of public transportation, especially subways, would be significantly less frustrating and better experience if we can manage to modify our social behavior in a positive way and implement these Subway Etiquette notes. Considering MTA's shortfalls and ignorance for providing decent, respective, and functional services.

Q Amiri

Irvin Dawid's picture

Fingernail clippers on the train

"suggestions include not wiping barbecue sauce on pole and not clipping your fingernails on the train."

I couldn't agree more - most annoying - I'm referring to the latter which I just had to endure on a Caltrain ride from SF to Redwood City - what is it about trains that encourage riders to take out their clippers? I suppose it could be worse - there was no barbecue sauce on my seat.....
Irvin Dawid, Palo Alto, CA

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