Rapid Transit for Sin City

Jacob Snow, the executive director of the Clark County Regional Transportation Commission, can't hide his excitement about new rapid transit buses coming to the Las Vegas area in this editorial.

Snow says the new buses feel more like light rail to ride, will offer express service, and will improve the streetscape.

Snow writes, "The ACE rapid transit lines will feature dedicated lanes that allow the vehicles to travel fast, unimpeded by other traffic. With the dedicated lanes and fewer stops than traditional transit routes, that means a shorter commute for riders. The first line, the ACE Gold Line, will link downtown Las Vegas with the Las Vegas Convention Center and the Strip. With dedicated lanes downtown, the service is fast and convenient, much like light rail lines you find in downtown areas in other cities.

One of the best features of the ACE Gold line downtown is the enhancements to the streets where ACE will operate. Streets are our most ubiquitous form of public space, but all too often aren't given the treatments that make them truly usable. The dedicated transit lanes, enhanced landscaping and attractive station platforms that we've installed create the feel of a truly livable urban community."

Full Story: The future of public transportation: ACE rapid transit lines



Didn't Sim City already have rapid transit? Opps, it's Sin City.

Had to read the headline a second time. Thought it read "Sim City", as in the computer game. Sin City is not the same as Sim City.

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