Container Housing Approved to Aid Haitians

Officials in the Dominican Republic have approved the creation of cities made of home built out of shipping containers -- part of efforts to aid earthquake-rattled Haiti.

The "Container Cities" are pat of a project by architect Richard Moreta and his firm Richard's Architecture + Design. Inhabitat takes a look at the proposal, which is to be built in the Dominican Republic.

"Unlike many of the other container projects, Moreta's utilizes a steel frame system with rubber rollers, which the containers are inserted into, allowing them to be easily stacked on a solid foundation. This system is also easily scalable, can respond quickly to the changing needs of the complex, and is lightweight and structurally sound against earthquakes."

Full Story: Dominican Authorities Approve Container Cities For Haiti Housing Relief



Container cities (?)

I've read the post and it's still not convincing in my criteria. There are some approvals from the Haitian government shown on line that look really fake. It seems that many studios are showing preliminary projects in Internet to get the works of reconstruction, but up till now, I don't see a public response from the Haitian authorities. Most projects look like advertising, for example, in this post, there is a link to sell containers, I don't think it's serious unless the author proves the veracity of the approval. Then, a city is not only composed by the houses' design, what about infrastructure? What do this firm propose? A serious post would explain it, if it is for " cities". We can't isolate the houses from the future city.

approval of project

it's been 8 months since this post and in fact nothing has been approved in Haiti as far as housing development, I contacted the authorities in Haiti, they said that monies have not been released despite of all the efforts invested on the reconstruction of the village and so it is irresponsible for this firm to say that Dominican Authorities approved the container cities for Haiti, when is not precisely the Dominican Republic who should approve such a project but the government of Haiti once they get a hand on the funds and not before the international commision have review all proposals.
I checked the site in question and it seems like a very vague concept to start off, is a compilation of artists renderings that does not really reflect a long term solution for this problem.
Would the haitian's government approve a housing development in the future in my opinion container city wont be the most viable answer.
I think planetizen should verify the legitimacy of the entities who wishes to post information on this site and so the public can get a more accurate information.

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