Reinventing Mobility in Detroit

PBS documents Detroit's attempts to overcome its history as "the Motor City" to create new ways of getting people around. Transit advocates play a big part in this preview, which includes renderings of projected transit options.

Full Story: Blueprint America: Beyond the Motor City




PBS did a wonderful job of telling the story of the transitions the Motor City has undergone. However, there is so much more positive stuff happening transportation wise in Detroit it's kind of sad they only allowed the private M-1 group and Matt Cullen to plug their boondoggle of a transit project. If you dig a little deeper rather than telling the surface story you will find many operational/safety issues with what this private group is proposing. Suburbanites who don't live in Detroit shouldn't be planning what is perceived as a good transit system in theory... Theory isn't the correct answer or even close to the solution more often than not. This is what happens when you let former GM employees and theoretical professors push their transit ideas. (Sorry professor Boyle) What Detroit needs is a healthy balance between cars, lrt, brt, and bikes. Biking is becoming more and more ingrained in the urban culture in Detroit. It's being done in Denver, Portland, and many other like minded cities. Multi-modal corridors, not rocket science... Provide safe modal choices within each corridor. I would really like to see PBS do a follow-up to this story and talk with the reasoning behind some of the transit changes in Detroit and interview representatives from the city. It's unfortunate jitneys are being used but it cost's way to much money to run a bus for a half-dozen people. The city is doing the best it can with what it has to offer. Keep up the good work Detroit.

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