Underused Underground D.C. Station Could See New Life As Art Space

An underground trolley station in Washington D.C. that later had a turn as a short-lived underground food court is being eyed by local artists as a possible site for a new underground cultural center and art space.

The underground area makes up more than 100,000 square feet and has sat unused since the food court closed in 1996.

"This is where architect Julian Hunt envisions a series of hip galleries called Dupont Underground, where up to 1,500 people at a time would take in avant-garde art shows and exhibits of experimental architecture. Museum-quality lighting would fill curved hallways, and a sophisticated ventilation system would keep the humidity to art gallery standards. As Hunt sees it, the depths of Dupont Circle would become the go-to spot for the visual arts in Washington.

'This enormous piece of infrastructure has just been mothballed,' said Hunt, who said he has been pushing the idea for five years. 'If you get enough people down there and there's interesting artwork and it's well lit, I think it would be quite a spectacular space, unlike anything else in the District.'"

Full Story: D.C. art activists see old trolley station as buried treasure



Dupont Circle

Interesting article about Dupont Circle's old streetcar station. This is why Washington's Dupont Circle subway station is deeper in the ground than all the others: due to the original streetcar station that is still there but vacant. I think Washington would prosper if they rebuilt the original streetcar/trolley line network throughout the city (as well as keeping the subway for faster regional travel times) so that people living in the city can get around the city at even greater ease for cheaper. It will also reduce VMT and car dependency in the city (which already is small) but still would help revitalize more corridors of the city. Here is a great picture of the original Washinton, D.C. streetcar/trolley network: http://dctrolley.org/dctrolleymap.htm Also click the red flags to see pictures of what those spots looked like!

DC is actually rebuilding

DC is actually rebuilding their streetcar system now, and is on track to have the largest system in the country within a decade.


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