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Corner Stores and Fat Kids

Urban convenience stores are being further linked to childhood obesity after the release of a new study from Temple University.

"A study by Temple University's Center for Obesity Research and Education revealed that for a "little more than a dollar" city kids can walk into a typical corner store and fill up with 350 calories of low-nutrition junk, and for many, it has become a way of life and gateway to obesity.

Brianna Almaguer Sandoval of The Food Trust in Philadelphia said that in low-income neighborhoods, finding a source of nutritious food can be difficult, particularly for young people who lack transportation to supermarkets located outside poorer communities, which some have dubbed 'supermarket deserts.'"

Research indicates that for the majority of these corners stores and convenience marts, healthy and fresh food options make up as little as 11% of stocks.

Full Story: Little Stores and Fatter Kids



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Subways and Fat Kids (and adults, too!)

I suppose I'm part of the problem.
One thing I love about NY's subways are the ubiquitous convenience stores - if you can call them that - more like newsstands with candy, that I enjoy patronizing. Of course, then there are the 'surface stands' as well - that include produce carts.
It seems that a corner store with junk food and also necessities like milk is a good thing - getting kids walking rather than driving to Costco with their parents is preferable.

Prevalence of junk food in stores a problem everywhere

The prevalence of junk food in most gas, convenience and chain grocery stores is a problem everywhere.

Just by shopping at a health food store that sells minimal junkfood enables healthier buying habits.

Grocery stores with their aisles upon aisles of sweet and salty snack food, aisle displays with more junk options, lead to bad eating habits.

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