Climate Change Skeptic Wins Down Under

Australia's liberal party has just elected a climate change skeptic as its new leader, which could prove to be a challenge to its carbon reduction.

"[Newly elected Tony] Abbott has vowed to block the Emissions Trading Scheme in the Senate, where Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's Labour Party does not have a majority."

"The ETS, aimed at reducing Australia's carbon emissions by up to 25% below 2000 levels by 2020, is the centrepiece of the government's environmental strategy."

"Mr Rudd's immediate hopes of passing the bill before the Copenhagen summit now rest on the possibility of some opposition lawmakers rebelling and voting with the government."

Full Story: Australia opposition deals climate law blow



Programs re Australia

Democracy Now recently featured an interview with a climate change proponent re the current significant impacts of climate change on Australia. Here in the states, we aren't experiencing the effects as dramatically as they are.

Naomi Klein is also talking about climate debt owed to countries in the South (Thailand, Maldives, Bangladesh) who are suffering effects of climate changed caused by industrial North countries.

Not small 'l' liberal

Please note that it is the (mis-named) Liberal Party, not the liberal Party. They are akin to the Republicans in the USA and the Conservatives in Britain. The new leader is actually a staunch anti-liberal (small 'l'). It's quite embarassing to me and probably most Australians that one of the two major parties could elect someone of his ilk as leader. I suspect this holds true even for most conservatives in this country. Oh well, dying beasts make the most noise.
Jim in Adelaide


Australians take climate change seriously. There's a reason why grass which was once green is now perpetually yellow. Don't worry folks, the Liberal party will remain neutered as long as this fellow is leader.

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