Walkable Las Vegas?

Developers and locals in Las Vegas are pinning hopes onto the new CityCenter development to bring walkability to the desert city.

"'You see it in Boston and Chicago, and we're going to see more of it in Las Vegas. People are increasingly interested in living in a place where everything they want - shopping, restaurants, entertainment - is nearby,' says Billy Vassiliadis, CEO of ad agency R&R Partners.

And residents aren't the only ones who will benefit from the shift to a higher-density, more pedestrian-friendly Las Vegas."

Full Story: Las Vegas and the 21st-century Strip



Leaving Las Vegas

Let's encourage people to live in landscapes where there is enough water to sustain human populations. Las Vegas is not one of them.

Desert Living

Las Vegas may finally have some real mixed-use development (multi-story).
As for living in the desert, I'm more concerned about the disappearing farmland in this country. The world population continues to grow and we'll need more food production capacity, not less.

Real City Center or Center of Strip

Yes, it is impressive, real high rise buildings (office and condos) with street level retail, but will it be a real city center (Core) or just another place on the strip for the wealthy to congregate and walk around a park rather than walking through casinos. The jobs to housing connection will have to be self contained becuase there are no significant centers of employment near by that pay enough to afford a condo in City Center, and there is no transit or even reasonable auto commuting system in place. It does have the freeway to its back, but there is no easy access to the site. For area residents, traveling to the strip is a pain and this will not change, so who will go to this center from the "City". Perhaps it should be called a real city, inside a strip of fake cities, inside a real region, in the middle of a desert.

Wll be interesting for someone to revisit City Center in 5 years and report what is actually going on.

Ray Quay

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