Lost Your Wallet? Hope You're in Utah.

A new Gallup poll asks respondents whether they'd expect a lost wallet to be returned. The results indicate that trust in neighbors and well-being go hand-in-hand.

"Trust in one's neighbors is loosely associated with broad geographic region -- 8 of the 10 states where trust in one's neighbors is the highest are located in the West and Midwest. Six of the bottom-ranking trust states are in the South."

"States in which high percentages of respondents said 'yes' to the wallet question also tend to have higher levels of overall well-being."

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Full Story: Utah, South Dakota Best Places in U.S. to Lose Your Wallet



Breaking trust

I had trust in my home state until both my credit card and bike were stolen in our state's largest city. It certainly didn't make me want to stay in that city.

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Bottom ranking vs. top ranking states

I couldn't help noticing that the bottom ranking states were mostly southern states with heavy African-American populations, while the top-ranking states were among America's whitest.

Does this mean that African-Americans are less trusting than whites?

Or does it mean that whites become less trusting in a multiracial society?

I don't know the answer, but it would be interesting to see crosstabs by race.

Score one for NY

Years ago, I (very stupidly) left my wallet containing about $1100 in cash plus all my ID and credit cards, etc., at a pay phone kiosk on the 8th floor of Bloomingdales in Mid-Manhattan. It turned up at Bloomies' lost and found office the next day, completely intact, money and all. Score one for NY.

Interesting about Utah though, because it's the pyramid scheme ("multi-level marketing") scam capital of the world. Utah is a major center for mortgage fraud as well. Perhaps in Utah there's an ethical distinction between personal (like stealing wallets) and slightly more impersonal crime (scams and fraud).


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