Elevated Train Stations Prove Controversial

In Honolulu, plans for 21 train stations on the new Kapolei to Ala Moana rail are raising eyebrows, primarily because of their significant size. Designers have taken steps to hide the bulk through landscaping and camouflage.

"Some critics of an elevated train contend that the city is understating the potential visual impacts of the train stations with its colorful drawings.

"I never trust the renderings," said Honolulu architect Scott Wilson, chair of the AIA's transit task force. "These renderings are like (public relations) jobs to make people feel good. You can always draw in lots of colorful flowers and palm trees to hide things.""

Full Story: Train stations designed to reflect communities



There's no controversy about Honolulu's rail stations


Unlike the author of this Internet article, I live on the island of Oahu. And unlike the Honolulu architect quoted, I live on the route and have gone to 2 station design workshops. The station designs I've seen look great. They are true to the history of area as a plantation town while looking modern. I told as much to the architects who were at the workshop.

The quote 'hide the bulk and scale' of the stations bothers me. None of the drawings or plans I've seen have made any attempt to hide the size of the stations. The architect's presentation at the workshops were very clear about the height and size of the stations. They were quite candid.

As far as 'controversy', that is a loaded word designed to stir up trouble where there is none. Yes, we have a few grumblers but that is to be expected on any project. The people of Oahu voted for rail and it is moving forward.

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to rib_Hawaii

Mahalo for writing. I look back at this article summary and I see that you are right. As a journalist, I latched onto the supposed controversy presented in the newspaper and amplified it for the sake of the story.

My apologies, and I wish you well with the new train line. It should be a great thing for Oahu.


Tim Halbur
Managing Editor

Thank you for your quick response, Tim Halbur

I appreciate your willingness to re-evaluate the story you wrote. That is responsible journalism.

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