Cities Without Cars

This slideshow form Mother Nature Network shows seven globa cities that are completely free of cars.

Most of the cities are islands, including Sark Island in the UK, Mackinac Island in Michigan and various Greek islands.

"It's hard to believe that before the early 20th century, almost every city in the world was "car-free." Zoom ahead 100 years later, and you have to do some real digging to escape the army of cars now clogging the planet's roads and highways. Sure, there are some cities with car-free zones, but we wanted to find destinations where entire populations go about their business independent of the automobile."

Full Story: 7 car-free cities



Another one is Zermatt

Another one is Zermatt, not yet ruined by cars. The end of the line for cars, in fact, is the village of Täsch, about 5-km down the valley, where you have to park the car and get on the train for the remaining distance. In Zermatt itself, there are small electric wagons to transport luggage and freight throughout the town from the rail station, the upper terminus of a narrow-gauge railway running about 30-km down the valley to Brig on the main Swiss Federal Railways line (from there about 2 hours to Geneva).

Aside from the spectacular mountain scenery, the best thing about Zermatt is that it is a town of people, not cars. Zermatt has been a summer and winter resort since the mid-1800’s, but is very much a New Urbanist place. The town is quite densely built up… narrow pedestrian streets are lined with retail shops, restaurants, and other businesses at street level, typically with one or more floors of residential above (hotel rooms or apartments). Many resort towns throughout the world are developed in a similar fashion; what sets Zermatt apart is the complete absence of cars and all the noise, ugliness, and environmental degradation which always comes with cars.

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