Planners typically pay attention to the Supreme Court when a Fifth Amendment case, like Kelo v. New London, comes along. The recent McCutcheon decision is a case in which the court could have paid attention to planners. Opinion
Apr 20, 2014   By Josh Stephens
Being on the street used to be a dance, but not so since the automobile took over. Is there a way for all modes to coexist through a mutual ethic rather than compete for a street’s right of way? Opinion
Apr 17, 2014   By Steven Snell
SAGE has provided free access to material from the Journal of Planning Education and Research's focus issue on Healthy Schools. Opinion
Apr 16, 2014   By JPER
Medellín has been called the most innovative city in the world, and recently hosted the World Urban Forum WUF7 to huge acclaim. It has taken back the city's public realm, found simple solutions to complex problems, and emphasized a "City for Life." Opinion
Apr 15, 2014   By Brent Toderian
Critics argue that smart growth reduces housing affordability. Their criticisms are partly legitimate and largely wrong, based on incomplete and biased analysis. Opinion
Apr 14, 2014   By Todd Litman
In addition to revealing public preferences for single-family homes and walkable communities, a recent survey conducted for the National Association of Realtors contains a variety of other small surprises. Opinion
Apr 10, 2014   By Michael Lewyn
We post a lot of articles here at Planetizen, and the traffic created by you, our audience, provides valuable feedback about the ideas and places of interest to the planning and urbanism community. Opinion
Apr 9, 2014   By James Brasuell
The 2014 National Realtor's Survey asked consumers for preferences in housing and neighborhood types. Although preferences trended toward the suburban, the number of people who want to live in urban areas is under-supplied by multi-family housing. Opinion
Apr 8, 2014   By Shane Phillips
A new paradigm is expanding transport safety strategies to include demand management and smart growth, but the old paradigm is alive and deadly as illustrated by two new traffic safety guidance documents. Opinion
Apr 7, 2014   By Todd Litman
Looking at the trend toward interdisciplinary design practice through the work of WXY Architecture + Urban Design. Opinion
Apr 3, 2014   By Anna Bergren Miller